Design complicated dams in minutes

Muck3D makes it easy to design dams, including tailings or water retaining structures.  You can rapidly evaluate storage capacities and fill requirements for a range of alignments, dam geometries, and locations.  Create dam shells, fill & storage volumes, and storage vs elevation curves for potential sites in minutes using the design tools in Muck3D.

For more complicated dam alignments, the Dam Template tools in Tailings+ allow you to define and raise complicated dam structures, with multiple cross sections and different raise strategies.  These tools simplify the task of creating the incremental raises for a dam and allow you to evaluate a dam raise in minutes.

Once you have dam cross sections, the dam zonation tools in Muck3D Formation, Tailings, and Tailings+ allow you to quickly calculate material quantities for each zone within the dam as well as HDPE liner areas.

Finally, when it comes time to present your design (or design options) the visualization tools in Muck3D  give you great looking images – ones that everyone will understand.