Making conceptual design easy

Conceptual level design is all about evaluating a large range of options/configurations/parameters and quickly establishing which options merit further assessment, and which can be discarded before any effort is put into more detailed evaluation.

Many CAD tools are great for building 3D models for design & volumetrics, but they are not always well suited for developing conceptual designs.

The tools in Muck3D allow you to create structures & calculate volumes in a matter of seconds. ¬†Promising designs can be set aside for further assessment. ¬†It’s easy to create great looking images to share your design with others, or export design files into DWG’s for import into your favourite CAD package.

For tailings areas, the interactive deposition models in Tailings & Tailings+ will give you rapid feedback about storage volumes for potential TSF locations, pond volumes/elevations, and construction volumes.