Muck3D Formation is an easy to use 3D design tool aimed at any engineer or designer working with earth structures. ¬†Whether you’re interested in the processing & visualisation of large datasets, high level sizing & volumetrics of earth structures, or just trying to make great looking images for reports, Muck3D Formation lets you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time you’d spend in Civil or Mine design tools.

Muck3D Formation is a great tool that complements your existing workflows, and makes it easy to import data from other software packages, do a quick design or calculation, and export the results back into your preferred detail design tool.


  • Data import and gridding tools that can be imported from a wide range of sources and turned into grids/surfaces in minutes.
  • 3D CAD tools that allow you to create and edit lines, triangulated surfaces and grids as well as create contours, cross sections, and volume calculations.
  • Better images that include colours, textures, elevation shading, airphotos and isopachs.
  • 3D PDF export capabilities that allow you to easily share files.
  • AutoCAD import/export using DWG files.
  • Ability to create a range of simple earth structures quickly and easily using dedicated tools for dams, excavations, and dumps.
  • Figure creation with high quality contour images.
  • Macro recording/playback with simple command sequences.
  • SRTM data import covering much of the world.
  • Import and manipulate airphotos, merge image tiles and add new elements to photos.
  • Record animation along a path, 3D window manipulation.
  • Basic dynamic models, including dams and ponds, which update themselves when input data/parameters are changed.
  • Advanced pond and surface water hydrology tools.
  • Create layers representing zones within a dam cross section and calculate volumes rapidly.

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