With the wrong tools, scheduling and volumetric modeling of tailings areas can be a very painful experience. Spreadsheet models, CAD tools, and mine design packages may offer some success, however they often offer oversimplified solutions and require substantial time to get good results.

Muck3D Tailings is a package aimed at meeting the needs of operators & consultants working primarily with thickened tailings deposits or deposits where there is limited/no ponded water in the TSF.  The tailings modelling tools are the most comprehensive and fastest available and help with high-level conceptual design, short & long range planning, and analysis of resulting deposition surfaces.


  • Model deposition surfaces using linear & non-linear beach slopes.
  • Wide range of options for simulating the development of a TSF over time.
  • Interactive deposition tools to quickly assess capacities of a TSF at a high level.

Plus all the features of Muck3D Formation

  • Basic dynamic models, including dams and ponds, which update themselves when input data/parameters are changed.
  • Advanced pond and surface water hydrology tools.
  • Create layers representing zones within a dam cross section and calculate volumes rapidly.
  • Figure creation with high quality contour images.
  • Macro recording/playback with simple command sequences.
  • SRTM data import covering much of the world.
  • Import and manipulate airphotos, merge image tiles and add new elements to photos.
  • Record animation along a path, 3D window manipulation.
  • Data import and gridding tools that can be imported from a wide range of sources and turned into grids/surfaces in minutes.
  • 3D CAD tools that allow you to create and edit lines, triangulated surfaces and grids as well as create contours, cross sections, and volume calculations.
  • Better images that include colours, textures, elevation shading, airphotos and isopachs.
  • 3D PDF export capabilities that allow you to easily share files.
  • AutoCAD import/export using DWG files.
  • Ability to create a range of structures quickly and easily using

Licensing options

Depending on your needs, Muck3D Tailings is offered with 2 licensing options.  See here for a detailed description of each option.

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