Flexible licensing options

Products and prices built for every user.

A full range of licensing options for Muck3D.

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Our subscription options make it cost efficient to deploy Muck3D to a number of users in an organisation.

  • Affordable annual payments.
  • No capital outlay.
  • Licence is locked to a user

USB local license

The USB local license option lets you share a license within an office. Muck3D can be installed on as many computers as you like, however only the users with valid USB license keys will be able to run the software.  This is a good option for users who are all going to be in the same office or where users will often travel to locations where they cannot access the corporate network.

Network license

A network license can be installed on a central computer/server so that anyone in an organisation that can connect to a server can use the software provide it is not is use.  These users could be on the LAN/WAN, or access the license via a VPN.  This is an effective way to share a license across a multi-national corporation.  There are no geographic limits on access, so it may be accessed by users around the world at different times of the day.