Spend less time wrangling software.

We’re engineers who have been where you are. Too often we talk to people frustrated with the software they’ve been given to use and complete a design task with.  Good engineers will always find ways to make a piece of software do what they want, but its a battle most would rather not have to fight.

We made Muck3D because most of the 3D modelling tools we were given to use as engineers did not always make it easy for us to do our jobs.  Half the time it felt like other software packages were actively working to frustrate us, and tasks that should take minutes would take hours.

We transferred our insight and experience into Muck3D and created something that saves us all a lot of time, headaches and money.

MineBridge is a software and solutions company that provides richer environments and clearer pictures for you to work in, and then share with decision makers. Save time and cost in the short term, mitigate risk in the long-term and avoid doing all that redundant, time consuming stuff that other software makes you do.