Communicate ideas clearly

Muck3D provides a range of tools for creating amazing images, animations, and more.

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Save time and money

MineBridge Software provides innovative software solutions 3d design of earth structures such as dams, tailings storage facilities, and waste rock dumps.

Get the answers you need quickly and accurately with our range of design tools, all within our 3d design tool – Muck3D.

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Take control of your tailings

At MineBridge Software, we use our decade of experience in tailings planning to develop modelling tools that make it simple to take ownership of your TSF.

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Your time is valuable

Minebridge Software helps you save time, save money and eliminate operational uncertainties. You can increase productivity and work through tasks in a fraction of the time that other programs take.  With a wide range of tools to allow you to simulate real-world scenarios, Muck3D allows you to confidently assess your options, all while getting the critical support you need.

With a suite of software based on a decade of international experience, we have products for every user and every budget. From conceptual design of earth structures through to detailed planning of tailings areas, you’ll get more than data – you’ll get better decision-making power.

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